Lisbon Airport

Being situated only 6km far from the main city area, Lisbon Airport (Lisbon Portela Airport) is one of the largest airports of Southern Europe and the main entrance to Portugal. Every year more than 17.82 million people use this gateway. Even if the Airport is old but it’s well equipped and facilitated which includes restaurant, duty free shops, baby care & meeting room facilities, customized infrastructure for handicrafts etc. However, if you go shopping, make sure you have plenty of time or otherwise you will end up in long queues of passport controlling.

Now as it’s in the city area, you can use metro, taxi or special Aerobus service to reach the center of the city. The metro is convenient and also cheaper as it will cost you 1.50 € (extra 0.50 € for using Viva Card) and less than ten minutes of your time. Aerobus on the other hand gives you more opportunity to explore the city and it will charge you 3.50 € and will take less than 20 minutes to reach Baixa.